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My wonderful husband said I could order from KnitPicks again, so I did, and haunted the FedEx website daily to track the progress of the package.   My needles arrived on Wednesday!!  I ordered some of these:


They’re perfect for making smaller things in circles, like hats!  I am so excited to make a bunch of hats for the kids for Christmas. 

Bran wants a stocking hat:

Clicking the picture will take you to the pattern.

I’m thinking white, burgundy, and darkish blue.

Ciara and Nia haven’t decided yet, but I think they’d look cute in one of these:

by Katie Ahlquist on Ravelry.com

by Postscriptlove on Ravelry.com

by ilikelemons on Ravelry.com

by minhers on Ravelry.com

by Kirsten Kapur on Ravelry.com

by crankyalyson on Ravelry.com

When I learn to do colorwork really well, I’ve GOT to make this one for Bran:

by myjewelthief on Ravelry.com

Would he not just die of happiness??

If John would wear it, I would make him this:

Seaman’s cap by helloyarn on Ravelry.com

And as for me, am I a hat person?  I really have no idea.  I’d like to be!  I’ve never worn one in my life, really.  But I would love to have a massive collection of hand-knit hats and I hope when I make one for myself, it looks decent!  Here’s some of my favorites from Ravelry.com:

cool ponytail hat by Blake Ehrlich

slouchy hat by turtlegirl76

“Gretel” by Ysolda Teague

Newsboy cap by raschi

flower cloche by Mac7

beautiful entrelac hat by myyarns

Well, I could go on for days.  We haven’t even covered adorable baby hats yet.  But this post is getting really long.  Let me just take a second to say that Ravelry.com is THE best website on the planet for anyone who loves knitting, crocheting, spinning, or just loves to drool over patterns, yarn, and beautiful designs.  It’s free to join and SO much fun.  There’s thousands of free patterns on there and about 500,000 nice folks in this gigantic fiber-lovin’ community.

So, to sum up: I have needles now that are perfect for hats!  Yay!  I hope I can get at least one for each of my children done for Christmas or sooner.  We’re going to try to make nearly all of the Christmas/birthday presents this year.


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Yesterday we had stake conference, and as I was looking around before we left for a knitting project to keep my hands busy, I decided to make yet another Booga Bag.  It’s super-simple and by now (after 5 bags!) I have the pattern memorized.  It’s also mindless knitting—no concentration required, so I could easily listen to the speakers at church and take notes as desired.

My love affair with this bag is a long one…I first saw the pattern and picture at least three years ago, long before I really learned to knit:


Gorgeous drool-worthy bag.

“That,” I said to myself, “Is one beautiful bag.  I must, at some point in my life, learn to make it.” 

I thought this was impossible, since I had only had two knitting lessons in my whole life…at age 10 or so, from a grandmother.  I still vaguely remembered it but the pattern for this bag was so much gibberish to me. 

A year ago, a friend at our homeschool co-op re-taught me basic knitting again (thank you, Chris!!).  I never thought I could learn anything beyond basics and was convinced I would never be good at it, but lo and behold, I improved quickly.  No one was more surprised than I was!  Knitting quickly became my latest obsession.  (My ten years’ worth of crocheting kinda took a back seat for a while…knitting was new and exciting and I couldn’t get enough.)

So a month later I was beyond thrilled when I printed off this pattern and finally set about making this bag on the long drive to Arizona. 


Behold the Boogas!

Anyway, you can never have too many bags. 🙂 Especially when you’ve got plenty of yarn on hand.  So yesterday during stake conference I started another one.  I think this time the body of the bag will be done in cream and green.  And I finally have a chance to use my beautiful birthday present!  I’ve been too busy to really use them at all. 

Not my picture, but I have this exact set. 

Oh, they are grand!  So pointy and smooth…the BMW of knitting needles.  They work like a dream and they’re everything I imagined they would be.  And they’re so pretty that my eyes feel good when I see them.

In short, knitting with them is bliss.  I hope everyone has as much fun with something they love this week as I am having with these.

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