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Whew, this week has been quite the whirlwind!  I thought I’d put up a little summary of the daily craziness for those who are wondering why I haven’t written for a few days. 🙂


Actually a nice day, not too busy.  I spent quite a bit of time reading up on Hogwarts classes and ideas and did a bunch of research.  We visited the library and had a lovely time getting books.  I found several books on dragons and fairies for the Care of Magical Creatures classes.  Also: Nia got her first “big” books!  By “big” I mean pages and pages of words without many pictures.  She checked out several fairy books and I wondered if she would even read one, let alone all her stack.  She never has before…she’s just devoured picture books and Barbie comic books/graphic novel things.

Nia’s new obsession.

She proved me wrong, much to my delight.  She’s whipping through all those books and I’m so proud of her!  I can’t believe how well she reads at only 6 years old.

Ciara and I also ran to Michaels/Petsmart/WalMart before 9pm to get some supplies for Hogwarts.


More Hogwarts research + loads and loads of laundry.  I had also decided, on Monday, to do “House Points” as part of the Hogwarts school thing.  Ciara thought of using empty water bottles for the containers and we also got some bags of small, colored “fish rocks” gravel for the “gems” in the house points containers.  Tuesday morning the kids sorted a multi-colored bag into individual colors…green for Bran, pink for Nia, blue for Ciara (and dark purple for me, just for fun). 

We bought the multicolored pack.

In the afternoon I washed the bottles, tied ribbons on them, packed bottles/house points chart/bags of rocks in a box, addressed it and tied it with string, and left it on the doorstep.  I also got my little stuffed owl wet and set him on top.  I rang the doorbell and asked the kids to answer the door.

They screamed and shrieked!  They were very excited.  I asked them, “Why do you think the owl’s wet?  And why was he so late?  Didn’t your letter this morning say the package should be here?”  Nia answered, “Maybe he got rained on!”  (It has been stormy all day.)  All three of them immediately ran to start doing things to earn points.  They made their beds.  Bran and Nia knelt down and said their “morning prayers.”  (John said, “Um, guys, it’s 6pm.  That doesn’t count as a morning prayer!”)

I took pictures of the House Points containers and the owl but they’re still on my phone.  I’ll put them up later.  It is great fun to be able to say “5 points to Gryffindor!” and “20 points for Hufflepuff!” and such.  And wow, the kids absolutely love it.  Oh, and they can also get points taken away for bad behavior…which is very nice. :D   

At 6:30 I left to attend Enrichment night, which was hilarious and fun…a service auction.  We got points for doing things like reading scriptures, exercising, saying “I love you” to someone that day, making our beds, taking time for ourselves, etc.  I had 700 points to bid on things.  I bought two separate things of 3 hours of babysitting each (SWEET!!!  Dates with John!!) and a german chocolate pie for the kids.  As for my services, I auctioned off a pair of crocheted double-thick pretty hotpads as well as four services: 4 piano lessons (30 min. each), an hour of weeding, an hour of teaching someone to lead music, and 2 hours of teaching someone to knit or crochet. 

Marie Callenders: German Chocolate Pie.


Dress rehearsal day!  We ran around getting ready not only for being gone at dress rehearsal all day, but also Cub Scouts.  I knew the kids wouldn’t eat sandwiches if I packed any, so Ciara and I went to WalMart at 6:30a.m. to get snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc.  I was quite pleased to see that WalMart actually had wheat-free ginger snap cookies for Bran!).  We got to the rehearsal shortly after 11.  Ciara practiced her dance at 12:10 and did such a wonderful job.  Nia didn’t go on till 1:45, and in the meantime I had signed up for several hours of volunteer work so I sat at the picture/finance table and also helped put together 140 gift bags for the dancers.  My sister Kaatia came with her kids to watch the rehearsals since she can’t make it to the recital.  Thanks so much, Kaatia!  It meant a lot to the girls.

Bran and I raced to Scouts at 3:20.  It started at 4 and only 4 boys came (half our den).  It was pouring rain but they had fun making Father’s Day crafts.  Then we drove back through the “flood” to rehearsal and were there another hour before the girls were done.  They were so tired when they finished and we were all so starved that John took us out to dinner at a new restaurant.  We assumed it was just a buffet place, since that’s what it was called, but it was actually Chinese and not too bad.  It even had octopus and oysters (ewwww!!).  I probably wouldn’t eat there again but it was fun.


We’re heading off soon to This is the Place since it’s a free admission day and normally so expensive that we’ve never gone.  All of my sisters are meeting us there for a fun morning of exploring pioneer times and seeing lots of animals.  We’re praying the forecasted rain will hold off till noon at least.  Tonight is the dance recital.  The girls are excited! 


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