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Two weeks and counting.  Does it get any easier?  No.

I’m not crying as often as I was…but that’s because I have hope.  Hope that, yes, she is still alive, being held somewhere against her will.

The media coverage has increased and we’re even busier than we were before, but this is a very good thing because it means Susan’s face and story are reaching even more people.

In fact, I have been so touched, uplifted, and strengthened over the past few days as messages of support and love have poured in from all over the United States and across the world.

I’d like to share some of these messages here…these all come from the Facebook group, Friends and Family of Susan Powell.

From Carrie:

Susan and the Boys are in my prayers!! The whole state of Iowa is hoping Susan is home in time for Christmas!!! Stay strong in faith and may God bless you and your family!!!

From Frances:

Our prayers are with you, family and friends of Susan Powell…we may not know you but our faith is the same and we are thinking of you as we follow the story from TX

From Emily:

Susan….tonight is surely not a "silent night", voices all over the world are singing and praying for you. We miss you.

From Dax Guzman:

Image of friends and loved ones supporting Susan Powell’s safe return. Even in the coldest and darkest nights we will hold on to hope and pray for her return. We love you Susan.


From Troy:

Dearest Friend and Family of Susan Powell, the cold and the ice here in Renville Galway Ireland was to dangerous for people to gather as I had planned, the ice started at 6pm and I could not even get over to my love of my life Celine’s house at 2am, so we all did our candle vigil for Susan on our own listening to Dean Martin singing Silent Night, Josef Mohr would have been so proud of all this outpouring from across the globe for Susan. I know that Susan has heard us. With great respect and love to you and Susan’s family.

From Lori:

Our prayers to find Susan and bring her home. Heartfelt hugs to Susan’s family and friends from Branson, Missouri. May they find comfort during this difficult time.

From Regina:

From the mountains of Western North Carolina, I add my prayers to yours. The trials of this family break my heart. May God bless all and return Susan to her loved ones.

From Spencer:

To the family of Susan powell… i pray that your Loved one susan will be in your hearts while going thru this hard time… i no that if you stay close to god through this hard time you will feel peace… i also pray for you … thos little boys NEED there MOMMY please pray for her return Everyone!!!!

Spencer …. (Eastern Europe, Bulgaria)

This is just a small sampling of the messages we’ve received. 

Here is the statement read last night at the worldwide prayer/candlelight vigil in West Valley City, Utah:


Over the past few days, Susan’s family and friends have been sustained, comforted and uplifted by love and support pouring in from China, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, France, Africa, Australia, Bulgaria, and all across the United States.
We are gathered tonight to join in a united prayer heard around the world. At this same moment across the globe, people are praying for Susan and her family in:
Sydney, Australia
Galway, Ireland
The United Kingdom
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
Various parts of Utah
We join Susan’s family and friends in Puyallup, Washington to light a candle of hope for Susan. We have not given up and we will not give up until we bring Susan home.


Please keep those flames burning in your hearts and send Susan’s face and story throughout the world!


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Today in church the missionaries in our stake talked.  One of them is from Germany.   The other is new and has only been out of the MTC a couple of weeks, I believe.

The German elder talked first and he gave a great talk.   He was so confident and spiritual and shared such a nice testimony.   Then he ended his talk by telling us about how, as a youth, he was hurt and confused and in a lot of pain (spiritually, I’m guessing).   One day he went into an Orthodox church and said "God, if you’re real, please take this pain from me" and within a few minutes the pain was gone.   That was the beginning of his faith in God.

He didn’t tell us how he found the LDS church, but he did say that before his mission call, he was his parents’ only support.   He worked hard at his job and was able to provide for himself and for them…keep them stocked with firewood against the cold winter, buy food for them, and pay their bills.   When he got his mission call it was hard for him to go, because he knew his parents couldn’t get along without him.   He didn’t know what to do and was so worried about them starving or freezing to death.

But he quit his job and went on his mission, on total faith that if he did his best to take care of the Lord’s people, the Lord would take care of his.  

Well, a few months into his mission, he got an e-mail from a friend of his in Germany telling him that his parents had been without electricity, etc. for three months.   He was so worried and almost overcome by this news, knowing that if things were so bad that they had no electricity, they were probably starving, also, and that winter was coming and they’d freeze.   He prayed and prayed, asking the Lord to help them, and it was really hard for him to continue his missionary work when he wanted to rush home and save them.   But he kept working hard and trusting in his faith.

Soon after that there was a mission conference and he was in an interview with the mission president.   He said the president was inspired to ask, "How’s your family doing?" and when he did, this elder couldn’t keep his worry and emotions inside and poured it all out to him.  

The mission president contacted some people and now the church members in Germany are taking care of his parents…they got together and raised enough money somehow to pay for things until this elder comes home.   He ended by bearing his testimony that when we obey, do what’s right, have faith, and trust in the Lord, that the Lord will bless us.   He said he knows now that the Lord has a purpose in what happened…that because of the circumstances with his parents, being in such trouble and having the church members help them, that now his parents are being prepared to accept the gospel.

I thought it was a really wonderful story and wanted to share.

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