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My birthday was last week…and I was not expecting a good day.  Susan’s still missing and the only thing I want is to have her back.  It’s hard to care about anything trivial like a birthday.

But I was surprised that Sunday was actually quite a nice day after all.  Besides receiving sweet birthday cards from family, my 11-year-old daughter made me this, all on her own:


A crocheted neckwarmer (short buttoned scarf)


She also hand-wrote a fun “Birds of America” word search puzzle for me to do, which must’ve taken her a really long time.  And drew me a beautiful card with a lifelike picture of a chickadee inside.

John surprised me, too.  I’d told him a few days before that I just wanted a little cash to spend at the upcoming Renaissance Faire, so I wasn’t expecting anything.  But he gave me a digital camera!  Such a great present because our old camera was not only ancient and decrepit, but also sucks the life out of every battery after just a few minutes.  I’d really been wanting a new camera.

He also gave me a mixing bowl and big wooden spoon/ladle.  I’d just told him last week how much I needed a new mixing bowl.

As if that wasn’t enough, after church he and the kids made me a cake.  Yes, it was a mix, and yes, it was lemon cake—not my favorite—but since he’s never made me a cake before, it was such a sweet gesture.  It was good, too!  The kids ate it so fast it barely had a chance to cool down.



My sweet friend JoVonna also made me a treat and brought it over.  What a lovely friend she is.  Also, my online friends poured out the birthday wishes on my Facebook page so much that it nearly made me cry.  Friends from Wisconsin, Utah, church, homeschool, and many people I’ve never met in person but have become dear friends through this 5-month ordeal since Susan has been gone.  I am very blessed.


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Nearly December!

Wow, time is going fast.  I just know there isn’t enough time with everything else to get all my Christmas projects finished.  I won’t say specifically what they are here, in case any of my family ever read this, but I can say that I’ve got two days to finish Bran’s crocheted ninja turtle.  It will stand about 18 inches tall and the stomach/chest plate opens to store all the weapons, etc. inside.  There is also an opening in the back shell to put your hand in and use it as a hand puppet.  His birthday is this Saturday.  I can’t really work on it except at night, though, or he’ll see it!  He asked me for weeks when I was ever going to finish it but it seems lately like he’s forgotten about it, so I am really excited to see his face when he opens it and realizes it’s finally done.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas traditions lately, especially with the colder weather and Christmas specials on TV.  As a child my sisters and I loved  Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, that old stop-animation thing about Kris Kringle and Burger-Meister Meister-Burger and the Winter Warlock.  I’m so glad they still show it.  It’s the best!  We also loved the animated Grinch special.  For “real” people movies, there’s the unbeatable classic White Christmas.  I’m so excited that it was on TV the other day and John recorded it for me so I can finally watch it whenever I want. 

In other news, the kids and I are really loving the homeschool co-op that we participate in on Tuesday afternoons.  Next week is the last one before Christmas break for a month.  I’ve been teaching a crochet class for the last 12 weeks and I’ve really loved it.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids–every single one of them is so bright, cheerful, and excited to learn.  Some of them are really excelling and it’s amazing to think that they had never picked up a crochet hook before September.  I’m going to miss them.

Next “semester” (each co-op term is 6 weeks), though, my kids are really excited about their classes–Nia and Bran will take Recorder while Ciara is in beading, and then Nia gets to be in a dance/movement class while Ciara and Bran take a crafts class.  Third hour they are all in a jump rope class, which should be really fun and different.  I’m excited for them.  I’m so glad we decided to be in the co-op this year again (we didn’t love it last year)–besides learning things that I can’t teach them from other teachers, they love playing with home-school friends that they normally wouldn’t get to see that often.

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