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I’m taking just a few minutes in the midst of coughing (yep, sick again…sigh.  I think because of the kidney stone I  had on Sept. 16 I got really worn out and easily caught this terrible cold) to write about my children’s latest obsession: cross-stitching.

I learned cross-stitching when I was probably 12 or 13.  My mother had a nice pile of Aida cloth and lots of magazines  full of patterns.  I didn’t finish very many projects—just a Lady and the Tramp pattern which I entered in our local county fair, a bird/window picture for my high school choir teacher, a small self-designed project for Young Women, and a cute picture for John’s birthday right before he went on his mission.  (John’s picture featured two mice, a boy and a girl, and one was holding a candle.  Underneath it said, “You light up my life.”  I was afraid he would  think it was cheesy but he actually really liked it and to my surprise, took it with him on his mission.)

The “Start Each Day” design on the right is the same as the one I gave my choir teacher, Mrs. Domek.  I found this  the other day on the internet and enjoyed showing the kids the design (via Stonehillcollectibles).

I’ve been thinking for a while that my kids would really enjoy cross-stitching, especially the girls.  (I didn’t know if Bran would have the patience for it.)  So we went to Michaels a few days ago and bought some Aida cloth and printed off some patterns from a “kids craft” book. 

They LOVED it!  All of them—even Bran—worked hard at their designs for four hours before they stopped.  I couldn’t believe their concentration and attention span.  The girls are already on their second designs (Ciara’s is here; Nia’s second one, here).  I spent a while searching the internet and found some good cross-stitching websites with free patterns:








This one has  more cartoonish/kid-themed patterns:


I like this site and the matching blog:



More free patterns:


This one has some super cool bird patterns, including adorable hummingbirds:


Jan Brett artwork done in cross stitch:


There are also lots of gorgeous ones for sale.  Some of my favorites so far, for humor or cuteness:

“Mad Blue Bird” from 123Stitch.com.  Doesn’t his expression—plus the title—just slay you? 

“Dog’s Day Out” from CrossedWing.com.  I love the collie!

“Autumn Cats” from Herrschners.com.

“Achoo!” from Herrschners.com.  This little puppy accidentally sneezed off his spots—so cute!

Adorable bird bookmarks, again from Herrschners.com. 

You can tell I was looking specifically for bird and animal ones the day I found these. :) 

Well, I could go on all day, but this is already long enough.  Let’s just say that the cutest thing of all is this picture here, of three new cross-stitching fanatics:

cross stitching kids2


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