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Twilight mini-review

I realize it’s been, like, a year since I wrote in here…oops.  🙂  But I’m all loopy and falling asleep from cold medicine right now so I won’t waste time on apologies to myself for not writing more.

If you haven’t seen this movie, be warned!!  Spoilers abound.

Twilight: mini-review

I posted this on Ravelry last night when I got back:

I just got back, too. I have mixed feelings. Mostly, I really liked it a lot.

High points:

  • the actors. Terrific!!! I really wouldn’t improve on any of them except Billy Black–he was a little too light-hearted when he should’ve been more grim at one point. Charlie was GREAT.
  • Bella’s Lullaby–I LOVED every time this was in the movie, the way they wove it in with different instruments at different times. So sweet and poignant and beautiful.
  • Stephenie’s cameo! The theater broke out in cheers and clapping when we saw her.
  • the baseball scene. It was just like the book, and truly awesome!!
  • many lines taken straight from the book. It was like many little birthday presents hidden inside a bigger one, to have those familiar and so-loved lines coming from a book I love so much.
  • the Cullens. They were just perfect. My only gripe with them is that we didn’t get to see them more. Loved them!!
  • Bella–Kristin did a really terrific job. I had been worried ever since they cast her that she didn’t look the part, was too monotone, etc. I absolutely loved her.
  • Edward–wow. Can you say absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous? I could hear girls gasping all around me all through the movie. It was actually pretty funny. Rob did a fairly good job, too, as Edward–way better than I thought he would.
  • the high school kids–HILARIOUS and just right. They were great.
  • vampire skin in the sunlight. Subtle, but very cool! Just right.

Not-so-high points:

  • Bella and Edward’s relationship pretty much did a 180-degree switch, from barely starting to talk to ”I’m in love with you.” I was pretty upset about that. If they’d only done ten minutes more of their developing relationship–or even FIVE!!!–what a difference it would make.
  • The whole flight to Phoenix/ballet studio thing was far, far too rushed. Really, you can’t improve on the book with that whole James-telephone-call thing…“Say it. Say it now.” So very sinister and terrifying, and they could’ve so easily done that and had Kristen gasping on the floor as she faced what she had to do. It would’ve taken two minutes more, tops. And the way she just walked right out the door away from Alice and Jasper? There was no suspense, no drama. It was almost like she was deciding to just go take a walk. I was mad about that, too–the whole race to escape Alice and Jasper and make it to the studio in time to save her mother would’ve built the tension up so much and so hugely.
  • the meadow–yikes. I didn’t actually realize it WAS the meadow until they were already into it. It was so abrupt. And the cheesiest/most shocking part? Right after he made a comment about their “diet,” he suddenly seemed consumed with a need to show her his skin in the sun. Made no sense.
  • I also didn’t love that Jacob didn’t tell her the whole story of the Cold Ones.
  • Everyone laughed at some parts that should have been romantic, not funny. But they weren’t romantic. Sigh..

Well, by and large, it was very enjoyable. I plan to see it at least once more in the “real” theater, then a couple of times in the dollar theater, and buy the DVD as soon as it comes out. Really, the actors were so much better than I was expecting, and it was extremely great to see this book come alive on the screen.

I did stay for the credits. I loved how they showed each actor’s picture with their name. That was really nice. Much more fun watching the credits than most movie credits I’ve seen.


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