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Famous Potatoes

We did end up going to Idaho last weekend.  I spent the day Friday packing, cleaning, doing laundry, and loading the RV.  (Why it takes 6 hours to get a family ready for 2 days away I’ll never figure out!)  John came home a little early and we took off at 4pm.  It was a lovely drive up to Burley, his hometown–it’s only about 3.5 hours or so away and the kids were so good, watching movies quietly and doing their activities.  Ciara was engrossed in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the whole trip.  (I’m so thrilled that she’s finally into reading novels–I’ve been waiting for years to share all my favorite books with her.)

We should have arrived at the City of Rocks national reserve/campground by 7:45 at the latest, but in the tiny town of Malta we apparently took a wrong turn (though neither of us remembers any turn or any sign showing a different way to go) and after a confusing and frustrating hour of driving, realized too late that we had gotten on some other road, made a big loop around, and were now back in Utah.

We were not happy campers to say the least.  🙂  The kids were hungry and tired so I fed them some snacks and put them to bed on the couch bed, and we drove all the way back to Burley, arriving at 10pm.  We then discovered we were out of Propane so the fridge and heat didn’t work; meanwhile, the temperature was dropping drastically.  John ran into a grocery store to get some ice for the fridge and we ended up parking on a street in town since it was too late to go to one of his relatives’ house and ask if we could park in their driveway for the night. 

I had only brought one blanket apiece because we were counting on the heater.  Luckily, at the last minute John had thrown in the kids’ sleeping bags, so at least they had that, and we cuddled them all up together and put their coats on top as well.  It was a very long, cold night.  We kept getting up to put their blankets back on them, and of course it was raining/snowing (yes, it got that cold), and there was a leak–the top skylight on the upper sleeping compartment in the RV has a leak in one corner.  I woke up drenched with freezing rainwater about 2:30 or so and couldn’t go back to sleep forever. 

Finally it was time to get up.  We went to John’s aunt’s house and got warm (I actually took a shower in the RV…I couldn’t believe I had that much nerve.  The water was a toasty 35 degrees or so!!), then got some Propane.  Wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever appreciated a heater so much.  The RV was very comfortable after that. 

We spent the day visiting with relatives, including John’s sister Rachel and her husband, shopped at WalMart (the kids got new winter coats…the cool kind with zip-out inner jackets.  I also got some lovely yarn, much to John’s chagrin, I’m sure 🙂  I just couldn’t resist), and went bowling with John’s old friend Mark and his wife and parents/family.  It was tons of fun.  The kids were so cute hauling the heavy balls up to the lane, then practically sitting down to push the ball as hard as they could, only to have it nearly stop by the time it got to the end.  🙂  They loved it and can’t wait to go again.

We were nice and warm Saturday night, parked in an aunt’s driveway, and Sunday morning read scriptures, took showers, and played with the kids.  We went to a great nearby park before church, telling the kids to play gently and not be too wild as it was Sunday, until time for church.  We attended John’s church that he grew up going to and a bunch of people still remembered him.

After church we changed and headed for home.  The trip back was fairly uneventful and we got here close to 8pm.  In spite of the nightmarish Friday night, it was really fun to get away and have an adventure.


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