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September, September

It’s been ages since I wrote in here.  I guess that’s OK, though, since I think I am probably writing in here for my benefit only.  🙂  Isn’t it funny how the weather changed the last week?  It was so hot and un-Septemberish and suddenly the last few days, it’s freezing.  It makes me in such a mood for raking leaves, drinking hot chocolate, curling up in front of a toasty fire with a warm blanket and a good book (or some lovely yarn to crochet with!). 

 We’ve had a nice month so far.  If you ask the kids, the highlight for them was the Utah State Fair.  We had never been to a state fair before 2006 and loved it so much we knew we had to go back.  Growing up in the Wisconsin northwoods, my sisters and brother and I looked forward all year to the annual local county fair the second week of August.   We worked hard on our 4-H projects (John was surprised to learn that 4-H isn’t just about showing animals…you can have projects in any topic or interest you want, if your parents or someone else will be the leader for the project.  We had projects in karate, gardening, cooking, dog obedience, hamsters/gerbills/guinea pigs, cats, cross-stitch, etc.) to show at the fair and it was always so exciting to go on Saturday morning/afternoon and see what prizes we got.  I was always proud of my wall of blue, red, pink, and white ribbons as a teenager. 

So the exhibits were really fun but of course, being kids, we loved the rides the best.  Thursday night for 4 hours was “Wristband night” and just $6 (before the price started increasing every year…I hear it’s $15 now) and we always had to take a nap so we could stay up till 10 or 11pm, but it was worth it.  I always felt so sorry for my parents that all they got to do was take the youngest kids to the small rides and stand and wave to them, and thought they were so self-sacrificing.  I never believed them when they said they didn’t mind not going on rides themselves.  🙂

I’ve told my children lots about “The Fair” and it was really fun to take them to the State Fair last year.  We had a great time going on rides all day (on buy one wristband, get one free day…a great deal), attending a free country music concert, and looking at all the exhibits.  This year they were wild to go, even though we were planning not to go on rides because we needed to be good and save our money.

However, when we got there (we went with a large home-school group so admission was only $1 for adults) and they saw all those rides and knew that our cousins and my sisters/their husbands would be on them all day, they begged me to call John and ask one more time.  I said it wouldn’t do any good but they begged and pleaded.  So I did, and he caved and said if they’d promise to stop fighting at home, they could go.  🙂 

The only thing I regret is not taking the time to see the exhibits.  By the time we’d raced back and forth to the rides all day, we were so tired, hungry, and sore that we just wanted to go home.  We did walk through the 4-H building, and it was really cool to see some of the work  those kids had done. 

Let’s see, any other September highlights…I’m still busy with LDS Business College stuff, and need to be more busy with it.  We need to recruit more alumni to join the board and help us.  Relief Society keeps me busy, too–we had an “end of summer picnic” at our house last week and it was fun, delicious and very well-attended.  John had to go to Indianapolis for a whole 6 days last week and it was really hard to have him gone, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  The kids and I decided we wouldn’t sit around moping so we planned lots of stuff for every day. 

Monday:  We went downtown: visited Paul Richards, my favorite teacher of all time, at LDS Business College; played at Liberty Park with Kaari and her boys; and saw a 3-D movie at the IMAX theater in the Planetarium called “Deep Sea” or something.  That was quite an experience!  (We had free tickets from completing the summer reading program at the library.)  When the movie began we were sitting there with the 3-D glasses on, not knowing what to expect, and all these translucent jellyfish started coming right toward us.  It seriously looked like they were dancing on our noses.  We all screamed, ducked, and the kids started jumping up and trying to grab them.  It was pretty hilarious.

Tuesday: along with the Relief society picnic that night, that afternoon we had our first day of the home-school co-op that we belong to, and it was the first time that I taught one of the classes.  The co-op is run by new moms in a new location and it’s a big improvement over last year’s location.  Ciara and Bran have choir, crochet, and chess, and Nia has letters/numbers art, storytime adventures, and dinosaurs.  After the three classes all the kids have half an hour to run around, play, and scream in the big gym.   I teach the crochet class and I was really nervous but it actually went really well.  I’d prepared a cute folder for each child with pictures of crocheted items, to give them ideas of what you can do, and several pages of illustrated directions for the basic stitches.

Wednesday: a quieter day at home.  I’m still in the process of putting the kids’ rooms back together, since Kaari moved out, and we worked on that some and just relaxed.   That night we went to an “astronomy party” sponsored by the Planetarium and the Herriman library in Herriman.  They’d brought telescopes and we were just amazed at our first-ever telescope glimpses of the Moon super close up, plus Jupiter and its four moons, the Hercules globular cluster, the Andromeda galaxy, the “Boy Scout” twin stars, and the Ring nebula.  It was really exciting.

Thursday: school, and Kaari came over around 11 to use the computer and visit.  We passed the afternoon watching the kids and baking bread and packing in preparation for our “sleepover” at Kaatia’s house.  We arrived at her house around 6:30 and she’d made us a delicious dinner of Hawaiian haystacks and then we let the kids play for a while before we read scriptures and put them to bed.  My older two goofed off and whispered, giggled, etc. with her oldest boy until almost 10:30.  Kaatia and I watched a movie and then went to bed, and I was up really early (5 something) because those naughty three oldest kids were whispering at 5:45.  I made my two come in my room and they all went back to sleep for a while.

Friday: we did school all morning, then went to the dollar theatre with Kaatia and her boys to see Meet the Robinsons.  It was a little confusing for the kids with all the time travel stuff, plus we didn’t like the name-calling (“stupid” and others), but it was pretty good.  Friday night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Harmon’s 65th anniversary party in West Jordan, then the kids and I went home to wait until it was time to pick up John at the airport.  His planes were delayed and ended up being 90 minutes late so I put the exhausted kids to sleep on the couch and floor, then woke them up (or tried to) and dragged them out to the car just before midnight.  We were so happy to have John back!!  It seemed like an eternity while he was gone.

This weekend we might be heading up to Idaho in the RV to City of Rocks, a cool natural rock-formation place near Burley, the town where John grew up.  We went last fall and the kids loved it but we didn’t spend the night there so we had limited time to explore.  This should be really fun, just the 5 of us, and Kaatia and her family are heading to Rexburg so they might possibly join us on the way back. 


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