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It’s time to meet the travelers:

John, age 30

Kiirsi, age 32

parents of:

Ciara (8), Bran (6), and Nia (4)

My sister Kaari, age 30

mother of:

Ethan (2) and Joshua (8 months)

My sister Kaatia, age 27

mother of:

Benjamin (6), Owen (3), and Levi (2 months) 


Friday afternoon, August 3: when John gets home from work, make all the kids go to the bathroom.  Stuff everyone in the RV and buckle up.  🙂  Drive, drive, drive!

Friday night: still driving.  Hopefully the kids will sleep through the night.  Hopefully the drivers can stay awake.  Hopefully the girl drivers can drive the RV and not crash it (we haven’t ever driven it yet).  Go through Wyoming, Nebraska, and enter Iowa.

Saturday morning, August 4: arrive in Des Moines, Iowa.   Find a nice park and let the kids run wild.  Eat, take showers or at least freshen up.  Be at Kaari’s college at 1pm for her to do her 20-minute vocal recital needed to finish her B.A. in Music.   While I accompany her on the piano, John and Kaatia will be chasing children outside.

Saturday afternoon: get back in the RV and drive straight up through the middle of Minnesota; turn East at St. Paul/Minneapolis.  Enter Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday night: continue driving.  Arrive at Branham family home outside of Eagle River, Wisconsin, around 11p.m.  Greet the people already there:

Kevin Branham, age 54, terrific dad and doctor of Chiropractic

Kristi Branham, age 58, best mom in the world

Kirah Branham, the youngest sister, age 14

Kimia Mulyangote, 4th sister, age 24, arrived ahead of us from Utah that afternoon with her husband and children

Olivier Mulyangote, awesome brother-in-law, age 26

Jordan (3) and Jasmine (3 months) Mulyangote

Try to get crabby and excited children to go to sleep.  Try to tear me and my sisters away from our parents/get us to stop talking long enough to get some sleep.

Sunday morning, August 5: get up very early (6a.m.) to let everyone have a turn in the one available shower.  Leave for church in Rhinelander, 30 minutes away, by 9:15.  Try not to explode from the excitement of seeing all the people I grew up with and haven’t seen for 8 long years.

Sunday afternoon: lots of talking and laughing and visiting!

Stay tuned for Week 1 of The Visit.


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 Tuesday, July 31: Happy Harry Potter’s birthday!  I hope everyone has read book 7 by now.  🙂

 * Mow the lawn (done)

* Make homemade bread, and wheat-free crackers for allergic son

* Clean the RV

* Vacuum house and clean downstairs bathroom

* Prepare a nice dinner for visiting father-in-law (done)

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Hello world!

Welcome to the blog for our Great Northern Adventure!  Tune in daily for reports on preparations, travels from an overcrowded-RV, and adventure on the high seas (or rather, forests) of northern Wisconsin.  Buckle your seatbelts, folks…it’s going to be a great ride! 

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